‘With High Tide, Mark Lynas has given us a tremendous gift: he has time-travelled into our terrifying collective future, a future that has already arrived in the farthest reaches of the globe.

Go with him on this breathtaking, beautifully told journey — to island nations being engulfed by rising tides, to towns swallowed by encroaching desert, to glaciers melting into oceans — and I promise that you will come back changed, determined to alter the course of history.’ Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

‘Clear, lucid and informative.’ New Statesman

‘A thoroughly engaging and well-researched book.’ TLS

‘If you are among those who think climate change is an uncertain, remote issue over which scientists are unsure, politicians talk endlessly to little effect, and mere individuals have no power at all, this book may be for you ! Lynas tells us to keep repeating the climate change message. Read his book, and that is exactly what you will do.’ Guardian

‘There will be many more books like High Tide, but this will be remembered as the first ! it’ll be the one with the original vision ! Not unworthy of comparison with Orwell and certainly the breaker of new ground.’ Independent

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